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Sukhad Anand
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There is no other way…..

We want a lot of things in life. We divide our focus and time on them and try to give them equal time. But, it is possible that nothing out of that becomes successful. Out of my various endeavors in life, the only ones which actually became successful were the ones in which I gave myself completely. I was thinking about it before going to sleep, during sleeping, during eating, during running, during eating, during bathing, and all other times while I was breathing. I was sleeping 4–5 hours but was still feeling refreshed working on it. There were no thoughts about failing over it because there was no looking back. Every roadblock just had to be removed either by hook or by crook, every problem just had to be solved, whatever it took.

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I think the major reason for side hustles failing is because our mind processes them as side hustles and not the real deal. We put in some hours but we do not get the expected results. We are not ready to go in completely, to take risks, to put in more effort, than what was expected. Nothing in my life has taken as much time and effort, as I thought it would. It was always more. To make anything successful, we have to give our mind and soul to it. This is true not only for professional goals but true for personal relationships too. Compare the way you treat your loved ones and the way you treat something which you are trying to be successful at. If there is a big difference, then that thing is bound to fail.

I believe the reason, this is important is because our conscious mind is extremely weak. Anything we accomplish in our life, we do not achieve it through our conscious mind, but rather through our subconscious mind. I am sure that this might have happened with you while solving some tough problems through various days, a night you get a dream and the morning you wake up, you know the solution and you think, why you did not know this before. I am blessed to have experienced this once in my life to reach this realization. But it took me a lot of time to figure this out retrospectively and write this article.

To be successful at anything, you have to breathe it, eat it, and live it. You cannot have 2 lives at the same time, therefore you cannot make two things successful at the same time. With this, I do not mean that you should keep all the eggs in one bucket. I just mean, that at a time, just sit on one bucket and make it warm, until you hatch the eggs inside and then move on to the next buckets. Once you become good at something, you can simply make it a side hustle, because your subconscious mind would have learned how to deal with finesse.

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Remember, taking driving lessons? Initially, we drive with our conscious mind, we get distracted by anyone talking or doing anything in the car. It is just too tough to drive, but once you learn it and spend some time driving, your subconscious mind gets hold of it and then everything is just on autopilot. You don’t even know when and where you look when you change gears and make a turn. Everything becomes an involuntary action.

I applied this to some things and the results were just beyond imagination. We always think that we might lose other things, by just working on one thing, but it is a bad mechanism. We will definitely lose everything while working on multiple things and treating all of them equally. We have to make one of the things our priority and live it and the rest can be the side hustles that will remain at the same level until we shift our focus at them. I can bet, no person who made it big in a side hustle, was thinking about his/her office work most of the time. You have to think about just one single thing and grind on it. Every single minute there should be at least one thread working on it.

This technique also helps us strike out the unimportant things in our lives and find out things that are not our passion. The only way to find passion, I believe is by contradiction. At a time, just make one thing in your life and give yourself to it, and if that life is good, then that is it. Congratulations, you have found your passion. But if it is not, trust me, you won’t be able to make it your life cause you won’t be able to devote as much to it as you have to. Those people selling you ideas that you can make millions working on side hustles are just false claims. The number of hours you actually have to spend working on it might be less, but you have to think about it 24*7 until you finally get it, or you realize it is not something for you. People ask many times, when to quit, which is an extremely important question. But fortunately, this question is not for you to answer. Your conscience would reject anything which you really do not want or want.

I realized this quite late, I hope people reading this just think about it deeply because I believe this is it. This is the only key to success. I used to think that I spend so much time working on something, even more than someone else working on it, but still was not able to do it better than them. The answer is actually quite simple. It was not my life, it was a thing for me, and it was their life……



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