Layoffs everywhere…

Sukhad Anand
3 min readJan 22, 2023

It’s time to vent.

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So many layoffs happening across the globe. Tech is the worst-hit sector of all. LinkedIn is filled with posts of people who got laid off. Really sad for the people who got laid off.

Most people either blame the companies or the CEO comparing what Apple’s CEO Tim Cook did by taking a cut in his salary instead of doing layoffs. And that is the most hilarious thing I have heard. Apple is not doing layoffs mostly because they did not hire as frantically as other companies did during the pandemic. Tim Cook did not voluntarily go to investors and said — please cut my paycheck. It was the investors’ pressure because he was being paid exorbitantly more than the CEOs of other companies.

Whenever the situations like these happen. We just see the short picture. The company did it. The CEO did it. But they are not real villains.

If you have read the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, you will know how big a scam the US Federal Reserve and the central banks of all the countries. Not only central banks but all the banks. The banks add nothing to the life of common people. You keep your money in the bank and you think it is safe. What you don’t know it is just a number you are seeing on your phone. That’s all. The bank is using your money to earn more money by investing it in real assets which are some companies actually adding value to a common man’s life.

But if banks are so evil, why do they even exist? That takes us to our second villain. The government. Banks are a way to write off billions of defaulters who are mostly billionaires and fund the pockets of politicians. They can’t put them behind the bars. They have common people for that.

The next is the hedge fund firms which again add no value to a person’s life. They just invest in a company to gain control. Companies have to take the money because they have no other way to grow. They take over and turn the company into a shit show. This happened with Apple when they fired Steve Jobs.

If you have not seen the GameStop stock documentary on Netflix, you should definitely watch it. You will find out how hedge fund firms make it even worse for the companies which are failing and even bet on that. They are the biggest gamblers of all time — Oh, but gambling is banned for common people.

It was the most satisfying feeling to watch the Hedge Fund Firms crash and burn when GameStop stock skyrocketed until Robin Hood caved in.

Coming back to layoffs, it all started with the US Federal Reserve increasing the interest rates to control so-called inflation which they gave birth to by printing money like loonies during COVID. Their aim- is to bring unemployment which will in turn bring down demand and hence inflation. But this burned the asses of the hedge fund firms. Their stellar stocks dropped and they could not take it. In turn, they put pressure on the companies which actually add value to people’s lives to do layoffs because losing in gambling is not their best suit.

In the end, I would just like to say, this situation will keep repeating itself until we have a centralized government and currency with all control in one place. To all those bitcoin haters, stop that nonsense, decentralisation is our only way out.



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